Most of what has survived this rat infested world with the Zees has only done so because sturdy walls have kept out that which sought to enter, be it animal, undead, or human. Most of what we find in the ruins is well picked over and we are now just fighting over scraps. I hear this is not the case in the Green Zones and only take heart in that fact because sooner or later the elite will realize they need us, the little people, as a work force to maintain their healthy and happy life styles. In the meantime we have what is left, such as it is. A locked door is a coveted surprise and I find on average when searching I come across one about once an hour.

Therefore it is imperative that on finding such a door I get inside. There is almost always some expensive goodie waiting to be picked up, and no matter how slim the pickings are behind the locked door I will make back enough money to pay for the expense of the lock picks I used to open the door. In fact at my current skill level (rated by the CVC as 16) I average about 500 dollars per locked door. Minimal effort, maximum profits if one can get inside.

Unfortunately we no longer have accessed to the manufacturing goods of the past. Nobody wants to work for a noisy factory that will attract the Zees. Therefore like everything else we scavenge lock picks or make them out of what resources we can find in the ruins. A paperclip can do wonders with the right tools, but its flimsy material will only survive one door being picked.

I make it a practise to always have two lock picks on me, no more, no less. There is never a need to have more than two lock picks in my experience; however, two are necessary in case of accidents. If you get through the locked door and find yourself cornered by Zees you may end up having to drop all supplies and cash you gathered to run for your life. That means you entered a door using up a 50 dollar lock pick and came away with no benefits. This is where the second lock pick covers your ass for the next locked door.

When I exit a locked room successfully, the first thing I do is go and purchase a lock pick to replace the one I used. If I had previously lost my scavenging and find myself at zero lock picks I will then purchase two. Maintain the balance, and always be prepared!

Some might argue that you don’t need to purchase lock picks until you find the door, and you could use this approach. I know of some who sell off supplies at that time to purchase their lock picks. However, I have found no end to the use for my money and would rather commit the resources right away to future success in my scavenging. This ultimately is why I recommend my two lock pick policy.

Stay safe and good hunting!

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