Money, Gold and Credits: Survival Tip # 2

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Survival Tip
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What’s worse than being in a zombie filled apocalyptic world? Being all that and broke at the same time. Society rebuilding from the ashes and in some cases where fire was deployed against the Zees ashes is meant literally, we need a method of commerce. I do not know what passes for money in the Green Zones, though if I were to guess it will be actual money held in banking systems still running along with running water and flush toilets. Out here in suburbia hell we handle coin in three methods. First there’s what you can find of old world money, actual cash, dollar bills and coins. If you find someone’s stash hidden away I heavily suggest you avoid the coin collection and stay with the bills. Get weighed down too much and you might just become one of the richer Zees out there when the dead catch up with you. I know it happens because I’ve popped a few Zees in the head that have had way more money on them than they should have. On the up side what slows you down in life slows you in your unlife too. Zees that shuffle slower than the others but still look fresh usually have something decent on them. The biggest problem with old cash is that raiders notice when you have it. So do small children with quick fingers. So your fellow survivors might raid your camp and steal some and while exploring you might run into a skilled but small pick pocket who will take some. On the positive side if you are actively hunting or you have a lot of trade posts set up you will make more money than you lose.

Gold remains a favoured method of commerce and if you happen to have a good place to stash it, having a few bricks of gold is not a bad way to go. Thieves won’t take something so heavy, and on the current market value you can purchase a $4500 value bar for $5000 which is a decent exchange rate. Keeps your money safe from raiders and helps you save up a bit for a rainy day. Still storing such items gets costly if you want to keep them safe in the new banking system. Everyone can carry around one brick, but soon as you want more than one you pay for it. You can’t expect not to, nobody can keep safe on move with several bricks of gold and therefore storage fees at the New World Bank, our new method of banking, will add up depending upon how many spaces you pay for your gold. I spent the ten Credits for a second space so that at any given time I can pull out $9000 from my bank account for emergency funds. I have debated buying a third space, but currently I funnel too much money into my safe house maintenance and improvement program to make it worthwhile. Space costs go up as well and it would take me 15 Credits to buy a third space.

This brings us to the third commerce choice, “Credits”. Note the capital C. When the New World Bank was established a lot of us did not place trust in the new money that came out. Someone had found a stash of old poker chips destine for a casino that never took off and decided to set up their own bank. But eventually some of us realized that not only did these people have the chips, they also had managed to secure some major banking buildings and somehow find the man power to secure them against Zees and raiders. Many of the banks are on upper floors of banking structures, some requiring walking ten or more flights up to the office. But they are secure and really with a bank that’s what you pay for, a safe place to keep your assets. As if to further win good will the New World Bank hosted a “Kill a Zombie Banker Day” event, handing out the bullets for free. More than a few who are still bitter about events prior to the Zee outbreak participated in popping off banking zees and investment zees. That event alone bought a lot of good will. With current inflation 1 Credit is worth 100 dollars. So for smaller things, such as a frying pan we use old world money, but storing up Credits is a smart idea.

Credits are safe from raiders within the New World Bank. More important, different factions in society are trying to make the Credit replace old money completely. If you want to purchase a gun it might cost you $250 but if you use Credits that same gun costs you 2 Credits. That’s savings in the bank right there. So let me repeat that very important lesson. Always, ALWAYS buy your weapons and protective equipment with Credits. It is way cheaper to do so.

The problem with Credits is that you won’t find them on Zees. You also can’t turn in old world money to gain them, since the New World Bank is trying to discourage the use of old world money. Instead we have modern day time share specialists out there giving away free Credits if you are willing to listen to their sales pitch. I know it sounds tedious but it is not. Every time you end up buying equipment or repairing equipment or even just look at your equipment check out the sales pitch under advertisements that say “Earn Free Credits!” The best sales pitches are pre recorded videos but there are other options. Thirty seconds of my time gives me a free Credit. I don’t even have to really pay attention. And you never know, maybe they will advertise something you can’t live without. In this world “can’t live without” could be literal.

  1. Drachen says:

    Ahm dont buy weapons with credits. This will hurt your player in the long run skills wise 🙂

    • chyrampsc says:

      I appreciate you giving me insight as a player with far more experience and level. I’ve found so far that credits are not difficult to come by if I’m diligent in gathering them. The price difference from credits to cash is actually quite amazing though I haven’t finished the graph to show that. I would love if you got the time to explain this further. 😀 I would have said that buying with money from hunting hurt your skills because you will out level your dueling / healing and trading quickly to get money for weapons.

  2. puggamoo says:

    I agree with Drach. While it appears to be a better savings (based on the 1 cred to 100 cash) conversion… it really isn’t. Save creds for credit-exclusive items.

    • chyrampsc says:

      Again I appreciate the insight. Part of my reason for saying credits over money is because you can control credit intake while the majority of your money, especially at low levels can come from hunting. My experience has shown me that with diligence I am never short of credits and I have yet to pay for weapons with anything but credits. I’ll be curious to see your take when I post the numbers from the 1 to 25 range weapons on the cost of credits, money and supplies.

      • Drachen says:

        Later in the game, credits will be needed to speed things up when leveling or when a Horde presents itself. Money becomes very easy to attain and Supplies will be the scarce resource.

        Best place to make a profit is dueling in the 25-33ish window. Where you as the player are in the 30-37 range. This will obviously move with new players leveling up and such. Afterwards, most players are smart enough to have bars, Outposts or not carry much. The walking banks disappear and it’s more related to level up vs tough to level faster.

        My impressions as of 4-11-2012. This could change.

  3. puggamoo says:

    I await your weapons numbers Chyram. Perhaps I view credits as these premium things that I should gather and use with a little more discipline. Again, I’m just sharing my opinion, but there are many ways to earn money besides hunting. Outposts, locked rooms and dueling… all of which will increase a skill in the game.

    • chyrampsc says:

      I agree with your insight on other ways of gaining money and this piece was written at a very low level. It is not unlikely that I will revise my opinion on some of these things as I increase in level and that there will be a set of guidelines for different leveling ranges. Again thank you for freely sharing your thoughts and opinion on this.

  4. […] of cost from Cash to Credit nearly balances out in value thanks to the Credit Only Weapons. (This to further my discussion with Drachen and puggamoo found in my posting on buying weapons with c…) To reflect further upon the difference previously before Credit Only Weapons I have added the […]

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