A Fox Among Sharks – Shark City tattoos Safe House

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Alternative Safe Houses, Safe House Lore
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The following morning started calm enough. We separated to cover the various tasks to maintain our safety. Malkoris took to patrolling the borders of our safe house looking for shufflers and crawlers. A shuffling Zee is easy enough to outrun but in numbers they can box you in and it only takes a single bite to infect you. Crawlers are in many ways worse. You spend so much of your time looking up and about that you might miss a crawler coming in from rubble at your feet. Often over looked or mistaken for dispatched Zees left to rot a crawler can surge forward on its hands and bite into your calf. Therefore it is vital for your safety to always be aware of your surroundings as you walk and to keep pathways clear both for escape and to prevent any accident ambush. Beebles gathered debris to use for firewood. This task brings its own dangers as broken fences and homes where the easiest pickings for firewood are found often have a Zee or two lurking about.   Both of my companions however are accomplished at completing these tasks on their own and I was left with the final task, gathering food.

My feet took me towards the nearest residential homes and away from the super markets. By now survivors have picked through the major super markets and little is left on their shelves but the buildings often have trapped Zees. Restaurants are not a whole lot better for either supplies or Zees. What is left usually involves rotting food that had been once fresh and if you are lucky living scavengers in the form of rats, roaches and other vermin. It is not just the virus that turns you to the walking dead that we need to be aware of. Many illnesses that have been basically unheard of in North America are making a comeback due to poor sanitation and the amount of corpses lying about without proper disposal. Illnesses such as cholera and typhoid are on the rise, and common bugs once handled with vaccines are a risk like measles. Tuberculosis, strep throat and many forms of influenzas are being talked about among survivors. Other illnesses which are common when the body becomes weak are appearing without proper support from doctors like pneumonia. It is vital that we maintain our safe houses as clean as we can, disposing of our waste and garage and ensure that our food and drinking water is clean and free of illnesses. Proper refrigeration has become a thing of the past so gathering food on a nearly daily basis has become part of our routine.

In my travels I came across a family who have holed up within their home. They have chickens, live chickens in their house that are laying eggs. I traded several bottles of clean water, the seals unbroken for a half a dozen eggs knowing how much it will improve the spirits of my group when I bring them home. While talking to the family I learned of a safe house in the distance, accessible through following the railroad tracks, they have taken shelter in a place named Shark City tattoos. If we’re going to survive it is important that we gain allies among other safe houses, or at least identify those we can and cannot trust. There may come a time in the future when the three of us will need to abandon our safe house and retreat to another. Though it would cost me time and risk keeping me out past dark, I travelled on foot to see the Sharks.

The first thing I noticed when I crossed into Shark territory was the graffiti. Walls were spray painted with their tag, as well as directions given warning of where zombies were penned up, and locations for shelters in case you are being chased. I approved and even silently applauded the preparation this group had taken into consideration for travelers in their territory. I made a mental note that we should do much the same. Yet as much as I was impressed by the intelligent layout and methodical preparation shown as I was guided by the tagging to their safe house nothing could have prepared me for the introduction of CIHUILO.

The Shark City Tattoo had two guards from the roof who called upon me to identify myself before I was allowed entry. Nothing strange about that or the fact that I had to roll up my sleeves and pants to prove I had no bite marks upon me. Not that you cannot be bitten in other areas, but this sort of standard basic check is now expected for entry into any safe house. Most will demand a more complete and intrusive exam if you wish to remain sheltered within. Entering the front doors I was greeted by CIHUILO whose cold dark eyes and sharpen teeth took me aback. I was so frighten by the appearance of his face the realisation that his skin was a steel bluish tingle was lost on me. He offered me a toothy grin and before I could run I found myself flanked by two of his loyal and equally toothy companions. They escorted me to a room and sat me down at a table. I was offered coffee. Coffee, the nectar of the gods, and something I have gone without for far too long.
CIHUILO explained to me that his safe house all participate in genetic mutation testing. They have been injecting themselves with shark DNA which has changed their features in the manner so obvious to my eyes. Rows of sharpen inhuman teeth and eyes as cold as night looked upon me. Their skin was bluish in color and a few of them believed it to be stronger than human skin offering minimal protection. Despite their inhuman appearance it seemed as if the majority of them maintained their minds and spirits as human, though some circled in the background silent and watchful upon me. I kept myself still and quiet, polite keeping back any sarcastic comments that usually pass my lips so readily.

CIHUILO encouraged me to consider staying and bringing my other companions into their fold. I have to admit the temptation was strong, as safety in numbers was appealing. Yet finally I blurted out what was on my mind, “I’m not sure I can. Look you have a great place here, and you seem like good people. But in the end, these experiments you are doing, aren’t you worried what it might cost you in your humanity?”

My decision was made for me when one young girl, only beginning to go through the transmutation spoke up, “humans? What so good about being human? What good has being full blooded human brought the world? Look at where we are at now?” I stayed long enough to speak trade with the safe house and made my excuses to leave. On the long walk home, racing the sunset to beat the dark I considered those words. The little shark girl was right; being human did not stop any of this from happening, and perhaps even caused it in some way yet unknown to me. But that did not change a stubborn part of me from holding onto who I am. Maybe I would be the full blooded human who brought something to this new world. Or maybe I would die to the teeth and clawed fingers of the dead and it will be those who smell blood in the air who will circle about and bring the needed change to save us all.

  • Safe House: Shark City tattoos
  • CVC Level: 4
  • Current Recorded Members: 41
  • Overall Opinion: Seem at first pass to be a friendly group of people. No direct contact beyond 1.5 members and observation in global chat.
  • Communication: Palringo Room (Contact within CVC or Forums for exact location), Safe House chat, CVC Global Chat for Safe House invites (1/2 fees when invited), Please Stay Calm Forums
  1. Tenda foot says:

    I wish I had known you at this time. I was there from level one to 4. I left there about a month ago. Then had my mutation “cured” by atco. Though I still am a shark in many ways. ;),

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