Equipment – How to Keep Repair Costs Down: Survival Tip # 3

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Survival Tip
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By now I would hope that some of this is just common sense to my fellow survivor but then again I had a rather grizzly looking vet sit me down for a lecture so I may as well share the insights he gave me. The man called himself Trig, and wouldn’t elaborate upon where he was from or really where he was off too. That sort of caution usually implies a lot of loss or memories best left buried. His hair was silver grey, and his clothing appeared to have come from an army surplus store. We traded food for news, eager at the time to hear anything of other survivors he had come across. One of the things he lamented was just how “fuckn’ dumb” kids are today. We had come from a generation of waste and it seems as if we wanted to continue that trend even now when resources were slim.

“You don’t need a fuckn’ tank to kill a snail!” he griped to us. Apparently at one point he had taken under his wing a kid who had managed to get his hands on a colt 45. “A good solid gun, made the way guns should be made, in American, not like the guns you see in Canada.” I wanted to point out to him that a lot of guns are made in Canada, or used to be, and shipped to the USA, but decided that picking a fight with the codger would do neither of us any good. Plus the only reason I knew anything about that at the time was from my American father-in-law an avid collector who used to take great joy in telling me which of his guns came from my native country. So really, what did I know about the matter?

This kid liked to use his colt 45 for everything that moved. He would shoot squirrels for their stew the same as running Zees, the same as “crawling-‘cause-they-got-no-legs” Zees. Drove the old man up the wall at the waste and cost in repairs to the point where he took the gun away from the boy. He spit into the fire and spoke to us, “you got to know your deads. If they got broken limbs, or they’re real skinny, then you don’t want to be using the big guns. Don’t be swatting flies with a sledge hammer. Use your baseball bat. It’s cheaper to fix and will save you money. Your armour can take a beating and is cheaper to fix too. Oh and always upgrade your gear. You need that to survive and it will help with your ratings if raiders come in. Not that repaired gear does squat with raiders unless you are dumb enough to let it get zeroed out.”

He stayed the night and moved on just after dawn. None of us ever asked him what became of the boy he had spoken about, but we all talked later about the shiny and well maintained colt 45 he carried at his hip.


  1. Buy Armor and Weapons for your CVC level range, and upgrade before you move onto your next CVC licenced level
  2. Keep your Armor and Weapons repaired at least above 90%. It gets too expensive to fix after, but if they drop a few points it won’t hurt you in duels.
  3. When Hunting, don’t flail and pick the first weapon you see. Look at what is about to hit you and learn their strengths. Pick a weapon that is strong enough to hurt that type of zombie, but still weakest on the list of reasonable damage weapons. Watch the zombie’s health. If a punch to the face will finish it off, use your fist, not the sledge hammer you have to repair.
  4. Note after a hunt you got money. Now is a good time to look at your repairs!

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