How to Stop Duels – When to Heal One Another: Survival Tip # 4

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Survival Tip
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The first emotion that most people seemed to get upon our society’s collapse beyond despair is mistrust. It seems that most people evaluate each other as to potential threats or targets. Desperation to survive at all costs takes a hold of many and has caused us to break apart into small factions that only occasionally show an interest in each other. Compassion might have driven others to help a wounded person in the past. Now that compassion takes a back seat to caution as we are careful about approaching a sick or injured person. Such an individual might be a trap to lure us in with supplies or worse on the verge of turning into one of the Zees.  And yet some have used the paranoia to their benefit. When interacting with a fellow survivor it is important to know if help is required and when it is not welcome. There are reasons for each.

Because we avoid sick and injured people some have taken to disguising themselves as such to make raiders leave them be. In a twisted version of politeness we are now encouraged to only provide aid to people who appear seriously wounded if we first confirm that they are in need of the aid to begin with. Personally I have yet to employ this crude and yet effective method of protection but there will come a time when likely I will need to do the same. Below is a quick guide on how to inflict non-life threatening but serious in appearance injuries so that your cash and supplies will not be taken from you by raiders.

To Prevent Duels:

  1. Pick a fight with a zombie.
  2. Don’t defend yourself but let your health run out.
  3. Don’t heal with a health pack.
  4. Victims at low health cannot be dueled.
  5. If you have a lot of friends listed you may need to drop friends off your list to prevent well meaning but unfortunate healing.

Player Rules in Please Stay Calm

  1. Never heal anyone below 50 health without first confirming they wish to be healed.
  2. Only friends and fellow safe house members can heal one another. If they are online, send a whisper to ask if you’re in doubt.
  3. If you are going to use this method to protect yourself and you’re in an active safe house that heals, leave a message in the safe house chat to ask not to be healed.

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