Hunting – Three Kinds of Hunters: Survival Tip # 5

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Survival Tip
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Beebles and I have learned to avoid Malkoris when he’s in a foul mood. Today was no exception to the rule but after listening to him stomp about the room scowling for a while I finally got fed up and asked what the problem is. His scowl nearly made me regret my question but I sneered back at him and added, “I am not the problem, I have not done anything. What has you snapping at everyone and everything?”

“That stupid woman has me off hunting maitre d’ of all things! Where the hell am I going to find something like a snooty waiter here?” And there was my answer. Malkoris had fallen prey to the personal competition of assigned tasks. At first I was not sure how I felt about being given hunting tasks from a stranger through a computer. However watching the effect these assignments have had on my safe house roommates and others I can see the benefits. The quests give us a focus, and the sea of dead faces stop being an endless waves crashing upon the shore but instead specific targets to hunt among targets. It has in fact empowered and encouraged many who might not have taken up fighting the dead to do so for the benefits received. However these quests are not the only reason to hunt the dead. So I am going to write up a guideline on the various reasons to hunt and the benefits of such.

The Mercenary:

As you advance through the designated CVC ranked levels you will be contacted and given tasks to perform at your own pace. Some are simple and involve day to day activities such as scavenging or providing money to improve your safe house. Others involve hunting very specific Zees. In order to review outstanding tasks you can check by clicking on the “Missions” button at the home hub of information. Note as well that the number of outstanding missions appears in a small red circle in the upper right corner. In the image provided this button is in the thin orange box.

Upon clicking on the Missions button you will see a short list of outstanding missions. In my example I only have one mission outstanding, however, had I had more they would each be listed below in the same format. Each one lists off what you are to do and how or where to go to do it. In this case I am required to hunt waitresses and the quest tells me the locations where they can be found. (See Orange Box and Arrow) Displayed in the upper right corner is the reward for completing the task, which in this case is an amount of experience to increase your CVC base level. (See Red Arrow) This short list display can be clicked on for further details.

Opening the mission’s details gives you one further detail that you cannot see from the other screens. You are again told what you need to do, and where to go to find or complete the task. (See Red Arrows) You are also given details on the reward at the very bottom. (See Orange Arrow) But what will interest the hunter most is the tally on how far you are from completing the task given. Hunting specific Zees are “Search and Destroy” missions. In this example you can see that I have not killed a single waitress zombie. Therefore my tally is 0/5. This will increase as I find and kill the specific zees assigned. When hunting the target zees will be listed in the display for hunting options.

It may take a bit of hunting around to find the ones you want, and they can appear on any of the three levels of hunting options. If you are having trouble finding your target zee in the areas that you are told you can find them try refreshing your location list. Also keep in mind that the zee’s on the location have a refresh rate and what might not be there now could appear ten minutes from now.


  • Missions give experience for leveling.
  • Some enjoy the experience of questing.
  • You learn more about the Please Stay Calm storyline as you do the quests.
  • Holiday quests give special weapons that can only be earned during those times.


  • Experience in missions can make it more difficult to control your leveling when trying to keep your skills even with levels.

The Trophy Hunter

Ever since man first gathered together in a social group there have been rankings. It never takes long for a social group to find out who is best at what compared to each other. In hunter circles that has not changed. As you hunt you will find that for different levels of energy output you can fight different numbers of zees at once. The pattern is somewhat random. Perhaps a low energy output will allow you to fight a group of five zees while a high energy skirmish will only put you in contact with three. Let’s look at the numbers and see what that means for a hunter who wants to prove their merit compared to others.

When you select your combat mission you have three options, or levels to pick from. The benefits of those three levels will be discussed in the last style of hunting. Here though notice that the amount of zees you will be fighting is displayed beneath the name of the ranking zee in orange. (See Red Circle) In this example the third option has five zees, while the first two have two and then three respectively. Do not always assume that the last option will have the most zees. The number of zees you fight may be very easy to kill if you are fighting a group in the first level. Seven zees at a RECON combat mission can be killed off quickly, using lower level weapons to hit several at once. Three zees at an ASSAULT combat mission will be higher level, have higher hit points and hit you for more to do more damage both to your health and your equipment.

In your Profile you will find beneath your skill levels and attack and defense numbers a value for your total life time zee kills. It will appear like this. To get your daily totals you will have to go to a different location. So the question you might be asking yourself now is, why would I do that? What benefit do my daily and life time kill numbers bring?

This is where prestige and bragging rights come in. Have you an urge to see your name in lights? Do you want to prove that you are better than others in some manner? The CVC keeps a record of daily and life time kills. Updated frequently is an ongoing list of who out ranks who both for life time achievements as well as the daily zee head count. It is not difficult to be on this list, even at a reasonable low level if you put your mind to it. (See image below to note that 5th on the Daily list was CVC ranked level 10) However, I would recommend this more as an high end focus for reasons listed in the Cons.

To see where you rank in comparison to others go to your Profile and select the LEADERBOARDS on the lower left side below your friend’s list button. You have two rankings here that will interest you, depending upon how many hunters are in your area. First is the zee head count for the specific location you are looking at and below that is the zee count worldwide. (See Green Checkmarks) Clicking on either one of those will open up a list to display the current rankings.

On going into a specific leader board you can see the current rankings as well as their values and compare to your own. The top twenty five in the world are ranked on the boards. If you are below that number your ranking is unknown (??) but you can still see your kill values listed both for daily and life time to compare against the top twenty five by scrolling to the bottom. The head count value is listed on the right. (See Red Circle) You can switch between “Today” and “All Time” at the top. (See Orange Arrow)

I would recommend if you decide to fight for ranking that you search for the largest groups of zees you can find at the lowest level of hunting available. (Ie. RECON) This will allow you to hunt more often with larger value increases. To top the charts you may be required to purchase energy drinks to increase the amount of daily hunting expositions you are able to perform in a day. Time these well with any leveling you do to prolong your hunting experience. Remember that larger CVC levels have more energy to use, but also require more energy to hunt.


  • It gives you a focus while hunting to level your CVC level.
  • Personal bragging rights
  • Bragging rights for your Safe House
  • Your name ranked against other hunters


  • Interferes with controlled leveling as your focus must be the largest groups of zees you can find over experience / energy output values.

The Survivor

To improve you must hunt. Your CVC level is based on experience gained. Other than quests this experience comes from hunting and killing zees. I will write a more complete leveling tip page later, but for now let’s focus on hunting for experience and what you should know. Let’s start by looking again at a previous image. There are two values to be aware of, your experience and your hunt skill. Hunting skill will be discussed briefly here, but what you need to know for the purposes of leveling is that your hunt skill will take longer to level than your CVC basic skills. To give an example I work at maxing out all my skills before I reach for the next CVC level. At level eighteen I will max out Scavenging, Trader, Healer, and Duel skills. My Hunting skill however will be level nine. There are some ways to improve upon this which I did not employ at lower levels. If you always pick the maximum energy cost hunt, in this case ASSAULT you will get the most hunting skill points to level that skill. My understanding is that RECON gives you one skill point, HUNT gives you two and ASSAULT gives you three. This is the only way to increase your Hunting skill level but that is not the same as your experience level.

Before I move into details about how to maximize your leveling let’s quickly discuss where to go to see where your Hunting skill level is at. There are two places, your Profile page where all skills are displayed and a location where you are looking to hunt, scavenge or set up and maintain a trade post. Notice in both places your Hunt skill level is displayed both in current level value as well as how far you have progressed in that level through a green bar. (See Orange Arrow in both images.)

The Profile version allows you to quickly compare all your skills and see how efficiently you are leveling them, and when to switch your focus from scavenging to hunting as well as from healing to dueling or the reverse. On the location screen you can see the number of zees in that location and start to hunt them by clicking on “GO HUNT”. (See respectively Red Circle and Orange Box)

So that brings us to the leveling values. You can track your leveling in your experience bar which is located beside your Profile picture on the main screen beneath your health. This will tell you how much experience you need to gain in order to reach the next level. The number of zees in a group does not affect how much experience you gain. Your experience is based upon two factors while hunting. The energy you spent and if there were any “special” zees in the group you killed.

If you spend 18 energy killing four zees you will get 18 experience. If you spend 54 energy killing seven zees you will get 54 experience towards your level. It is a straight energy to experience transfer in most situations. There are exceptions, which will be explored in more detail in another tip guide as I am still gathering information. In short, rumor has it that some zees are worth more experience for their kills. Santa during the Xmas event was worth more and therefore holiday events might be a good time to look to maximize your leveling. If you look at the energy to experience transfer it will give you a rough idea of how long it will take to get to the next level. Alternatively you can freeze your level by not hunting or performing quests until you are ready to do so.


  • Knowing how to level will allow you to focus on when you wish to get to the next level.
  • Controlled leveling allows you to maximize your skills and your equipment values before your next challenge.
  • Freezing at certain levels will allow you to stockpile supplies and money for either specific Safe House entry fees or equipment to buy in the next level.


  • Some investigations into locations will result in zees getting the jump on you. You cannot control experience gained this way. (See Below)
  • Quick leveling will make costs of equipment, repairs and dueling difficult. In effect without some control you can out level your resources and have a struggle to find self improvement.

Quick Fact:

While fighting weapon options appear on the screen. To keep equipment costs down you want to select the lowest cost weapon that will still do the best damage for the zee in front of you. There is an additional factor to know. If you are quick, very quick, in selecting the weapon you will do an additional +5% damage to your target. You must click as soon as they appear for this bonus damage, so learn to know your weapon appearances!

Thank you to ATCO Itek Safe House Members Drachen and wiredl0ve for this tip!

Correction:  You can avoid random encounters of Zee fights. When you enter an area and get the pop up that says you have been jumped, do NOT hit the acceptance button. Instead, shut down PSC and start it back up. This will skip the fight, preserving your energy. Thank you wiredl0ve of ATCO for the correction on this.

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