A Fox Hides Among the Dead – Rite Aid (New Castle) Safe House

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Alternative Safe Houses, Safe House Lore
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If there is a limit to how many close calls one can have in life I have probably reached mine. I had taken point on patrol clearing out an infestation in the back fields of the school yard when a larger pack of Zees came in from the housing pushing down and collapsing the chain link fence by the residential houses. They were not especially fast but their numbers were sure to over whelm me. Malkoris was at my back and Beebles had made it up on to the roof of a shed. The shed was not nearly sturdy enough for the three of us so me and Malk drew off the bulk away from Beebles and hoped to give her a clearing to make it back to the school. Our shots had downed at least thirty shufflers, many of which had killed crawlers by walking over top of them and cracking their soft skulls. Not a normal strategy for the guide book on Zee killing but right now I would take any advantage I could find.

Our backs were against a concrete wall and we had exchanged looks, both knowing the thoughts of the other. I contemplated eating my gun at that point since I swore I will take myself out before becoming one of the undead masses. It was Malkoris’ quick eyes that stopped me, as he pointed towards a very specific and intimidating Zee. The man was large in life, and his shuffle gave him a larger than life death. Strapped to his back a shotgun, across his chest a knife and a hatchet but what I what gave me pause was not the image of a hunter turned Zee. It was what his hands held. In each a gun, well cared for and held out at a slight angle from his body. It upset the balance of the shuffle, making him move more cat-like than a normal Zee while still shuffling among them.  My first thought was to curse, the terror at the thought that the Zees or least some of them retained enough of their minds to actually function and use a gun. It made no sense for the virus, but the thought that human hate can out live death was terrifying.

The Zee rose his hands up and pointed each gun at the head of a Zee in front of him. I heard a soft hiss of metal against metal and saw to the right and behind him a woman, a Zee with rotting appearance and blood splatter holding two blades. She was moving towards another Zee, the blades held in a cross pattern like an over sized pair of scissors. From the crowd of Zees they crept up and forward, until it became apparent that a third of what we faced was something new. Something other and more alien to our eyes then the death we had prepared for. The dead were fighting among themselves.

The battle that followed was short, the dead that fell did not seem to notice who among them had betrayed them. Both Malkoris and I were afraid to shoot into the fray. It was nearly impossible to tell friend from foe. When the bodies fell for the final time, and did not rise again the remaining dead turned to look at us. We brought up our weapons and stared down the group of fifteen or so undead warriors in front of us. I felt sick to my stomach looking at the carnage and the grim resolve upon their faces. For once it felt like I was fighting my own kind, not a creature that wore our faces like a mask. You could see the intelligence in their eyes and it changed everything. I was not certain I could have struck a blow against them.

It was Carlagsuperstar who spoke first and told me in a polite but firm tone in rather lengthy and graphic detail what would happen to us both if we did not lower our guns. Shocked at speech we both did lower our weapons only to hear a few ghastly laughs among them. Some of them began to loot the dead fallen. Others approached us. They introduced themselves as the Rite Aid Raiders or just Raiders for short. We collected Beebles from her roof top, the fool having not left the spot we placed her and went to their camp. There we sat among them and spoke at length.

Once again we were invited and welcome into their midst. I was amazed at their numbers but alarmed that I was never able to get a straight answer on their appearance. They ate, they spoke, and they laughed and argued. I know they showed love and concern for those they cared for. The Raiders are fierce in protecting each other and even shelter and help those seeking to join their fold. Of the civilizations that have been built among our ruins they are the second strongest ranked by CVC. They showed me their communication system and despite not pledging myself to their cause the Raiders gave me limited access that still covered a wide variety of topics, and survival tips.  But what startled me the most was how warmly I was welcome.

I do not know if this is what death will look like for me. I do not know if they are alive or dead. But if I find myself fated to leave Terry Fox, this is where I will head for shelter.

  • Safe House: Rite Aid (New Castle)
  • CVC Level: 7
  • Current Recorded Members: 121
  • Overall Opinion: Interacted with a large number of members on the Global Chat and in their private forums. Observed their actions in both Please Stay Calm Forums and in Global Chat. Observed how they treat one another, in general with language and support. Listen from opinions on rival Safe Houses, including the current top Safe House as well as competing lower ranked houses. I believe there is a public section and a Safe House section to their personal forums. Despite that I have been welcomed and treated like a member of the group in the forums with friendly and helpful people who are competitive as gamers. Turn around in comments on forums is usually 12 hours or better. With comments and conversations held in these two places I am confident that I’m dealing with a mature (not for under 12) crowd of friendly rambunctious people. They fight for number one ranked spot with ATCO ITek and seem to stay in the second rank for Safe Houses. Members protect one another and treat each other well by all appearances. Their public section of their forums contains great tips that are easy to read and they welcome exchanges of information. If I ever make the move to an elite safe house this will be my number one pick. With their ranks filling, it is possible a delay will cut me off from being able to join them until some member becomes inactive.
  • Communication: Palringo Room (Speculated they have one. Contact within CVC or Forums for exact location. If there is no Safe House PAL, many of the members likely still use the program), Safe House chat, CVC Global Chat for Safe House invites (1/2 fees when invited), Please Stay Calm Forums, Safe House Forums
  1. JarradT says:

    Great writeup! Rite Aid is great and couldn’t be promoted any better. Hershey’s definitely approves! 😀

  2. shado_rei@hotmail.com says:

    i just posted this site on my sh pal site for its awesomeness! only read the first story about the school and will read more when i get a chance too! its amazing!

  3. Yamko says:

    Hey! Wow what you wrote is not far from what we intended to be in our private RA backstory! Great job and amazing writing style. I am a Rite Aid old timer Yamko!! Nice to meet you! 😀

    • chyrampsc says:

      Great to meet you as well Yamko. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and truly thrilled to know that I got so close to hitting the target with you guys. It makes me a bit nervous to write about other players, because I know I run the risk of upsetting someone if I don’t write with how they view themselves. I’m truly happy that RA has approved of what I wrote of them. 🙂

  4. Hein says:


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