Storage – Breaking Down Bank Fees: Survival Tip # 6

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Survival Tip
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Living the pampered professional lives we had before the three of us did not have many talents that could be bragged as survival skills in the crisis. There was some dismay when we first realized that what we had carried in our professional and personal lives might not be the tools to preserve us in this new world. Yet little by little talents we had believed to be obsolete started to reform into some purpose. When electricity was lost Malkoris felt the sting of being useless to start. His former IT skills seemed immaterial in a world where computers did not serve a purpose. However hidden talents of buried truths like his knowledge of guns that he picked up from his father helped us get through the first weeks. Later on when we were able to restore some power to our safe house he cobbled together the machines we used to reach out to the CVC.

My own talents for organizing and processing data did not seem as helpful in this new world until I used them to shape and organize the survivors with me. Taking stock of our needs both in goods and in knowledge I was able to turn my analytical mind to scavenging. In doing so I took on the mantle of leading us not so much by force of will as much as luck of wit.

In our previous life Beebles was a bean counter. It was in the following months after the outbreak struck North America that she withdrew the most into a depressed state. The once confident young woman carried with her a feeling of being a burden which we shouldered. However with the establishment of the New World Bank her own natural talents came to the front as she started taking stock of the actual costs when doing business with the bank. Here is the outcome of her number crunching:

None of us within Terry Fox have reached the maximum level to know the overall costs in upgrading weapons in the higher ranks. However, a source named WEASEL within Alcatraz reported the numbers to be around 100,000 per upgrade. Trusting this man we are going forward with our presentation on facts.

To the left is a chart showing the costs as of January 2012 for storage slots used in storing supplies and money. The Price shows how much it costs to buy a bar as well as how much value will be Banked for that level. The Lost column displays how much is loss in the overall cost to store money or supplies from raiders.

Notably the cost for new slots increases until you reach twenty one slots. At that point there is a cost freeze of 100 credits per slot and you are allowed to own up to fifty slots. Looking at the raw numbers of maximums it will cost you 4,045 Credits to store 225,000 supplies or money. Remembering that this slot can only store one or the other, so if you wish to max out the slot abilities of both supplies and money you need to double these numbers. If you look further into the numbers you want to convert the transfer value of the credits to their supply/money value. 4,045 credits are worth 404,500 in supplies or credits. That is very extreme, and from these results I cannot see a reason why anyone would want 50 slots to bank supplies or money.

Why would you need to bank supplies or money? By banking your goods duelers cannot touch your hard one supplies and money. As previously discussed credits are the cheaper method for purchasing equipment, however if you have not bought or gathered enough free credits the money cost of weapons increases notably and this is a currency that can be taken in duels. As you level upgrading the equipment takes increasing amount of supplies with the same result. Other members will want to stockpile supplies and money in order to join a safe house of their choice. Remember to always ask for an invite into the safe house as that will cut the cost in half.

So you need to set your goals before purchasing slots. Calculate what you are working towards and look at how many slots you want to take advantage of. I intend on continuing to use credits to purchase my weapons so I will never purchase more than a single slot for money giving me a potential to store $9,000. All extra money I gather goes directly into repairs, purchase of dueling items or into building up my safe house. If your safe house is on a leveling freeze look for another purpose for your extra cash. Invest in either high end dueling items or supplies for the hope of future crafting expansions that have been rumored. Such items cannot be stolen from you. If you need to purchase equipment look at the cost value and calculate how much you wish to bank. I recommend going no more than half the cost of the weapon banked and fight to preserve the rest in liquid cash combined with the value of your current credit total.

If you are gathering money for joining a safe house inquire about the costs of joining. Factor in the value of the credits you will spend on the slots and how much you need to save. The cost to join one of the top five safe houses is 74,000 in money and supplies.  To bank that completely would require 17 slots in both money and supplies at a cost of 760 credits. The same amount of credits is worth 76,000 in supplies or cash. Obviously buying the storage space in this case makes little sense. Always calculate your credit value when looking at how much you have stored for joining safe houses. (1 Credit = 100 value) Many of the big safe houses have great tips on how to save for them so look to their members for advice.

None of us however can escape the need to save supplies for equipment upgrades. If the upper end upgrades cost approximately 100,000 a piece that gives a lot of room to be stolen from. Buying bank slots therefore should reflect your current level needs. At level 19 I have not had a reason to purchase more than one slot, giving myself two. I anticipate the need for three slots in my twenties and I might eventually go as high as five or six. With this I am calculating the ability of banking a quarter of my supplies required to upgrade. The remaining 75% will be acquired through a combination of scavenging and collecting from Trade Posts.

Trade Post collection is another factor to calculate in when you are looking for a payout to make a large purchase. This will require some patience and timing so that all your Trade Posts can be collected at the same time. In the future I intend on doing a further detailed posting about Trade Posts. For now I’m including two smaller images that might be handy for you to copy, one with the conversion rates up to 10 slots and another up to 22 slots which will allow the storage of 99,000. I cannot justify in my mind ever finding purpose in having more than 22 slots and even that seems extreme and wasteful on credits. Perhaps when Terry Fox’s upgrades are complete, I have maxed my level, and I have an over abundance of supplies I will consider having that many slots.

Spare Thought: Note that every ten slots cost you one bar’s worth of storage. Ie. Saving 10 bars costs you 5,000 in lost profit.

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