The Holiday Dilemma – Thoughts on Promotional Weapons: Survival Tip # 7

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Editorial, Survival Tip
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I do not like to be a complainer. In general I try to avoid it when possible. It is not hard to see the wisdom in starting someone with a pocket knife before handing them a sword, or a baseball bat before giving them a machine pistol. Bigger weapons are more expensive to maintain and to upkeep. Giving a rookie something too powerful is more likely to get themselves or their friends killed then Zees. That being said, when the rookie becomes more of a master refusing to give them a razor instead of a butter knife is just cruel.

So I have a problem with how the CVC hands out holiday promotional weapons. This has led me to having a holiday dilemma. I will talk about the problem in this week’s tips and tricks and let the reader decide for his or herself what he or she will do regarding the potential issue.

Here are the facts that I have been able to confirm from sources written and verbal:

  1. During holiday times special requested tasks come from the CVC. (Quests)  I have now seen a Christmas version, a Valentine version and now a Saint Patrick’s Day version.
  2. If you complete the task list, which is not easy to do, you are given a special weapon. This is the only time of year that weapon is available.
  3. There can be other beneficial items that can be gained by killing the holiday Zees. I know there was talk about some items being looted from Zees at Christmas time. I do not know if the other holidays also had extra “gifts”.
  4. In addition to items, the tasks give large amounts of experience towards your level, both for completing them and for the special Zees you need to kill, such as the Christmas Elf or the Leprechaun Zees. In some ways this allows for “power leveling” yourself.
  5. The weapons come in different classes ranging from Class I to Class X confirmed though there may be bigger classes now that there are bigger levels. What class of weapon you get depends upon your CVC level when you complete the task. So for example a level 20 receives a Class V weapon while a level 40 receives a Class IX.
  6. These weapons can be upgraded the same as any other piece of equipment in the game through supplies. However they remain their base class, even if you level up. For example, if you receive the level 20 Class V Bow at Valentine’s Day then at level 45 your bow is still a Class V grade weapon.

Now here is where I have a problem with what the CVC has done. I am not yet at the maximum level possible. This means if I collect the weapon I will always know I have an inferior version of the weapon on my list. If I’m still here in a year, do I get an upgraded version? Will it be a totally different weapon? Will I simply be out of luck that year having completed the task? Or perhaps I can do the task for the extras and the experience but the special reward at the end will be out of my grasp? Best case scenario would be I get a new weapon of the current class to level ratio I am at.

I have never been good about collecting a lower quality version of gear when I can get the upper end one if I am patient and wait, even if it means waiting a year. So I have skipped out this year on the holiday tasks, hoping to be rewarded for my patience next year with the more ultimate prize. But maybe instead I have just cut myself out of ever receiving this year’s version. And that really sucks! Yet I know I would be extremely annoyed next year if I am here and I find myself still stuck with a lower quality version to what is being gifted.

Promotional weapons are primarily for hunting Zees as far as the CVC is concerned. However they do contribute some to my dueling scores. This means that ultimately I could cripple myself from having the best possible score at my maximum level. There is no way to customize your abilities in this world. You either maximize on what you have or cripple yourself by ignoring skills you should work on. I simply see this as one more skill which I have been forced to wait upon for leveling.

This could have been fixed if the promotional weapons level up in Class with you. Complaining about this might get the CVC to fix the issue but I am not sure it is a good investment of my energy. Because my questions do not yet have answers, I could equally be wrong on my formed opinion in which case I have missed out on some of the 2012 bonuses for good. I do not have all the answers on this issue, but I will continue to investigate and seek them out. I recommend the reader take what he or she can from this piece and use it to their benefit. Do you see yourself here in a year? If not then it does not matter and strive for the promotional gains. If so, weigh out the possibilities and decide what will work best for you.

Reference: PSC Forums, CVC Global Chat, Direct Conversation

  1. Lessifer says:

    I guess we won’t really know CVC’s true plans until Christmas rolls around again, since that was the first Holiday Weapon event that I know of. I seriously hope that they come out with a different weapon, and in that case you would have just missed out on this years St. Patrick’s Day weapon. Even though the holiday weapons do contribute to duel score, it is minimal, my fully upgraded level VIII shillelagh only adds 60 to ds, that’s less than the sledgehammer I think. The problem with having the holiday weapons level with you would be that it would always be your best weapon, it would lessen the incentive to get the next regular weapon, or the next holiday weapon for that matter. As it is, the holiday weapon, no matter when you get it, will be your best weapon for the next 3-4 levels or so which is nice, and then it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Just my opinion. Love your site by the way, just started reading it today. Maybe you can get to know us in KSAT some time in the future, once we’re a bit more outwardly organized (I’m working on it).

    • chyrampsc says:

      You bring up some great points. Actually I’ll be out the Xmas, to St Pat weapons. While I would not want to see them remain out best weapons, at the same time I think they could balance out the promo weapons better to fit with what we have, perhaps always slightly lesser than the best for that level range maxed out. And while you say it’s only 60 points, such points add up considering those are points I may never get, which could affect how you do in Hardcore mode.

      As for featuring your SH I hope to do so and have been trying to get a hold of you. I hope this week to put up a page with ways to get featured. Catch me in game or on PAL and we can talk more. Or send me a message on the PSC forums to start the process. 🙂

  2. […] there is no inclusion on holiday weapons (see posting regarding promotional weapons) as I have not collected any and I am uncertain how I would want to present them given that […]

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