Whispers – How to Send Them and How to Read Them: Survival Tip # 8

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Basic Tips, Survival Tip
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I cannot think of a day I have spent in the CVC Global chat where there was not at least one person who asked how to do a whisper, or direct communication with another person. While most who have stumbled into this site by now know how to perform this task I am going to still present a detailed explanation on the matter. The next while might see more of these simpler tips while I work on the more detail charts which are taking longer to compile.

First thing to note is that like CVC’s Global Chat (and unlike Safe House Chat) whispers cost a chat token to perform. They are still limited by a set amount of characters so messages cannot be extremely long. You can see how many tokens you currently have at the bottom of your chat window. (See Red Circle) You can also purchase more tokens using credits. (See Orange Arrow)

There are two methods of sending a whisper. The easy way (with a hidden risk) and long way which provided you do not typo has no hidden dangers. I will cover both here as well as point out possible mistakes.

The easiest way requires you seeing the person talk either in your Safe House Chat or in Global CVC Chat. When a person’s image appears in the chat list, click on their image, in order to bring up a menu of available options to choose from.

You will notice this gives you three buttons to choose from. To send a whisper you want the middle button. (See Orange Arrow) The top button will send you to view their Profile. The bottom button Blocks a fellow survivor. This means you will no longer see anything they say nor will you be able to whisper them. The biggest problem is that if you are not careful it is very easy to by accident click on the block button instead of the whisper button. Currently there is no easy method to remove someone from your Blocked list. As well you cannot view a blocked list to see who is currently blocked.  If you know their name typing into Global the following will remove them from being blocked:  “/unblock username” (without the quotations).

Now that you have clicked on the whisper icon you will see the proper text format for sending a whisper to someone. In this case Chyram is whispering Beebles. This format is also the second method you can use to send messages to people and the only way currently if you cannot see their avatar. You must type the following: “!username:” (without the quotations). It should be noted that the “:” is not required for single word names, however it is required if they have a space in their name. (Thank you, Suz and Em of Alcatraz for clarifying this for me!)

You can now write up your message to the person. When you have finished writing click on the “Post” button to the right of the message text box the same as you would for sending a message into a Global or Safe House chat.

Successful whispers will create a notification window with an Okay button to let you know the message has been sent. (See Orange Box) If you make a mistake spelling the person’s name a pop up window will alert you to this fact. Sending messages can take two to three seconds long when the servers are busy.

If you receive a whisper there are two places you can see it. The first is in your notifications that appear at the top of the screen. This will flash briefly in orange text. (See Red Box) The message will not remain there long and it is easy to miss this notification while doing other things, or if you are not staring at your screen.

However you can also find the message in the News Feed. (See Orange Box) Messages stay in this window for some time. The exact length I am not certain, however if you leave the game and come back they disappear. I have not yet found proof that messages sent to people who are not online will be received so be cautious in assuming someone saw your message if they do not respond. There is no special notification, or flashing movement to alert a person that they have received a whisper. I have on occasion not noticed for some time when someone has sent me a whisper for that very reason. Also note that there is no place to see what messages you sent and who you sent them to.

This covers all there is currently on whispering to the best of my knowledge. All information here is subject to change depending upon UI adjustments from Massive Damage.

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