Don’t Drink the Kool Aid

Posted: April 7, 2012 in History, Safe House Lore
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When Moonlite took me from the communications room and to the hallway I had expected some sort of a status report. What I got instead was a nervous looking man who took me by the arm to lead me to his lab. There he showed me what he had created, and what I had helped him create by virtue of having brought the poison into his world. Within a glass cage was a dead rabbit, something not uncommon in labs before the crisis or since. Many a researcher seeking a cure used rabbits as well as rats, mice, and even monkeys when they felt confident on their progress. It was not the dead bunny that bothered me as much as why it had died and what had happened to it since. Standing over its body was another rabbit, this one both alive and dead.

The white fur was stained and matted with blood and brain matter. Its eyes glowed with that creamy white and veined red of the undead. Sharp teeth, broken from breaking through bone still gnawed against shards of the skull while the tongue once pink lapped its black stained motion against the blood and brain of the broken bunny. Horrified I had asked the doctor what he had done, and he confessed to having injected the remaining fluid in the vial into one of the bunnies. This had been the end result. I had demanded for the creature to be put down immediately but my will was not to be followed. More research was demanded, more bunnies created.

In the days to follow my new communication device allowed me to contact home and ensure my people were well. A wandering mercenary has stopped in at our home and helped with the clearing of the horde that struck our south wall. Searlait was adjusting to life within the complex we had built. I used the headset to contact further people seeking for a direction to purse the cult all the while waiting on the end results of Alcatraz’s testing of the foul poison that had been used.

What was learned left me with no firm direction. The zee bunnies were attracted to the living, rabbit or human. Rabbits fed with zee blood turned swiftly to such; a matter that would have confused me in the direction of the research had Moonlite not explained further. Alcatraz was convinced that Rite Aid’s members had obtained their current condition by eating the meat of the dead. The thought sicken me, though Moonlite suggested that the first members likely did not know and had eaten something tainted either on purpose or by accident. The strain of the virus Rite Aid appeared to be infected with was very specific while the strain that the bunnies had was more concentrated and aggressive in its killing of body and mind. Thus if it had not been for Rite Aid’s members we might not have learned the source of this greenish black poison that Terry Fox had been attacked with. It was distilled from what was left of the blood of a zee after a full born infection.

I did not ask how Alcatraz had obtained the body of a Rite Aid member to run comparison tests against. I did not want to know, and my ability to stand neutral depended on my ability to claim ignorance of any action that would cause war. Instead my focus was to slow pull apart what I had learned and with all that one glaring fact came to surface. The CVC newsfeed had more than once contained a member of humanity bragging about eating zees. The person phrased it to sound macho and hardcore in his skills to survive. It had been enough to trigger more than one person to try it just to prove how tough they truly were. Others had turned to eating the meat from desperation and a lack of supplies. If eating the dead caused this transformation into a creature of either Rite Aid’s questionable good will or the cult member’s undeniable evil, who had been behind the broadcast encouraging the practise? Rite Aid’s standing of backing each other up and their campaigns to clear out zees stood as an obvious record of acts of honor and human spirit. Only the cult could have been behind the broadcast. There was my confirmed proof that the CVC had been compromised by the death cult.

I sat myself down by the shore staring at the water, trying to piece together where to go next. Samples of the research were already being taken by helicopter to ATCO and I hoped my push to have them delivered would smooth over any hard feelings between me and ATCO for having not taken the research to them first. Bethybot chirped in my ear piece with two pieces of information. The first good news was a suggestion on who might have information for me, a safe house that followed my path of neutrality and mediated between other safe houses. The second was to inform me the helicopter had gone down and the research; the rabbits had survived the crash and been set loose. Home was starting to feel very far away at that moment. I was heading for New Orleans.

  1. troysims says:

    Love the blog! Love the stories so far. Keep up the great work. Great job on incorporating the bunnies. I really enjoyed it. (@PhilipZRT in game)

    • chyrampsc says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it. 😀 I sent back and forth with the idea of using the rabbits, as the original story had them experimenting on rats instead. However the timing of the zombie bunnies in game for Easter really pushed me to use that. 🙂

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