Detoured on the Long Road Home

Posted: April 13, 2012 in History, Safe House Lore
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I drove the SUV down the block to where the streets were barricaded. My trip home was looking near impossible to me at this point. I had no further clues on the central location of the cultists, nor what they truly wanted other than to kill people and turn them into zees. All information I had led to a dead end which at that moment struck me as rather morbid humor causing me to laugh. I turned off the SUV to preserve the gas and tilted my chair back to stare up at the ceiling of the vehicle. Home was the only place I could go and that was a full country and a bit from here, near the Canada USA border on the Canadian side. Between me stood around two thousand miles of infested territory and hostiles, some human and some government.  At this point I was no longer counting the Green Zone as a part of humanity but rather something else entirely. Reports from my ear piece were chiming in about attacks from some military group called Paladin but I had yet to get a firm fix on that story.

As I lay there a fist in a thick glove tapped against the glass startling me and from the other side a familiar face grinned down at me. Tenda Foot, a wandering do-gooder who had a habit of showing up where I least expected him, seemed to have crossed my trail once again. I used the clicker to unlock the SUV and he walked around to the other side to climb into the passenger side. “Think you’ll find any universal answers on the ceiling?” His humor was not something I was in the mood to share.

“Maybe if I saw the stars I could. All I see right now is that blood spatter stain which gives me a pretty good idea of what happened to the previous owner.” I made a face after my own statement.

“Well aren’t we all sunshine and puppy dog tails today? What’s the matter, you didn’t get enough angst out shooting an Algiers Point member?”

My eyes widen in shock and I gasped out in response, “what no? I didn’t shoot one of them. It was a damn cultist, right there. You think I’m totally crazy?”

“I kind of figured the radio hype couldn’t be correct, not with you a few blocks from their safe house still in one piece. I mean don’t get me wrong, you’re a decent shot, but there’s more of them and I’m betting some of them are better. And no not totally, just crazy enough to be on the other side of a country from where you should be. How is Terry Fox making out at this point?” His eyes regarded me in seriousness and I was reminded that in Alcatraz he did speak up to help them create their defenses.

“They’re doing alright. Keeping their heads down at the moment though after what I did we might get hit pretty hard.” I felt a pang of worry in my chest, a dull ache that was constantly there flared up some. That pain had been constant since the outbreak and most of the time I did not even notice it anymore.

“Alright, maybe I’ll speak to some people and see that your borders are watched. I think Algiers will play pretty close to the vest on what happened. Maybe even try to pass it off as an accident.” Tenda Foot’s words were reassuring. Perhaps I had not burned all my bridges back at the Algiers Point safe house.

“How did you even know I was here?”

“You mean besides for the CVC News erupting over you shooting one of the peacekeepers? Lady named puggamoo got in touch with me. She’s one of them you know, an Algiers Point member. Originally she was looking for someone to come in and help with a problem she’s facing at the safe house she was sent to. When she found out that I knew you, well she told me what really happened. And then she sent me off to find you. Look, pug’s facing an issue at The Colony but she can’t act. She has to stay neutral in the affair and she needs an outsider to come in and give her a hand only without any official connections. I can’t do it for her because nobody will believe I wasn’t sanctioned to act. But everyone’s hearing rumors about you now. You go in there and help her out; nobody will believe that you were acting on an Algiers Point member’s behalf.” Tenda Foot might have a point but that didn’t necessarily mean I was eager to go fight other people’s battles. Didn’t they realize I had just started one of my own? One that was already so big I was at a loss as to where to start.

“Tenda I’ve never turned down helping someone before, but I still have to figure out how to get home. And besides, I have no idea what that problem is about. I thought that Algiers Point handle things without violence?”

“Normally so, but this is a problem she figured you’d have a real interest in. puggamoo thinks it’s a cult sighting, only she can’t prove it. And let’s face it Chy, you’re getting to be as close to an expert as we have on this matter.”

He had me at the word cult. As much as I ached to be home, and I missed Malkoris, Beebles and Searlait someone was pointing out to me a trail to follow. On the slimmest of chances that puggamoo was correct I had to go to The Colony. “Alright,” I said as I grabbed my map out of the glove box, reaching across Tenda Foot, “show me where I’m heading.”

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