The news from Tenda Foot had set me on the path to The Colony. It was still a long ways from where I was located but somehow the distance did not seem to matter as much now that I had a destination other than home. I longed for home, but to return home now would seem like some sort of defeat. Someone, somewhere out here among the dead, the military, the armed forces of safe houses and the decay of what was civilization were the answers I was looking for. I just had to survive everything long enough to find them.

Nights were especially bad. Most of the power grids were down and the ruins of towns and cities had become spooky, with wild life and the zees reclaiming what was left. I still avoided major destinations, thankful that the old signs from the roads warned me of what was coming. The extra time it took to detour around these hot spots of zee activity was worth the extra safety I had in avoiding the millions of rotting corpses walking the streets. Crowded city locations were notorious for having few safe buildings. It only took one broken window or a door that didn’t close properly to let in a single zee. Soon you’d have several trapped inside buildings unable to find their way out. Even sealed buildings could be death traps as it was entirely possible that the original inhabitants still haunted their molding hallways, locked in hungering.

I was thankful for the CVC radio Alcatraz’s bot gals had given me. Through this radio I was able to stay in touch with Terry Fox despite the distance between me and my safe house. Malkoris and I could only talk about things that were safe for others to overhear, knowing that at anytime the death cult could be listening in. Yet I took comfort just in hearing his voice and he always had a way of letting me know certain things without plainly stating what had happened. The one eve he urged me to tune in my device to view a location where several survivors had taken to posting messages for themselves. It became a welcome distraction and in an odd way comforting even when reading the suffering.

When you go through something traumatic, it’s easy to feel as if nobody understands what you feel or what you’re going through. Yet to read those messages and realize that thousands felt as I did, and struggled with the same problems as me it became comforting. I’m not alone and what is more, others survived what I am dealing with so why can’t I? Other than the possibility of a death cult of course, but even there I was reminded from this site that I’m not alone with that. Tenda Foot was guiding me where he could. Algiers Point members are doing what they can to point me in the right direction. And as always I had my family at Terry Fox waiting to fight at my call. It’s a start. They didn’t know I was coming for them; maybe I had time still to gather others.

This tip is not particularly about the game, but it’s a tip for the community, especially those among you who are creative. I am confident that there are many among us with the talent to write stories, or short journal entries based on this game universe. Most will not want to take the time or effort to set up a blog such as me, or only feel like writing a single short story rather than weekly posting many entries. Well in late March of this year a member of Rite Aid provided the community with a location where this was possible. I’m speaking of “Voices from the Apocalypse”.

I have been very impressed with the efforts that Kaillech has gone to on behalf of those who enjoy telling a story. It’s a great way to write a short zombie themed story of a survivor in a zombie infested world while maintaining your anonymous status as to who wrote the piece. I want to encourage all who have an interest in writing to give it a shot. Those who wish to go and read what others have posted can leave comments to encourage the writers or contribute.

You can find Voices from the Apocalypse by this link or by finding the link in my side menu under Ports in the Storm.

If you wish to contribute it is very easy to do so. Kaillech has provided two different methods to contribute. If your work is written, email kada238hune@post.wordpress.comThe subject of your email will become the title for the posting so choose it wisely. The body of text you give your email will become the written story beneath the title.

Kaillech has also provided a method if you wish to leave a voice recording, which I find a brilliant idea given the genre and theme of this game. It gives us a way to leave voice mail like messages as survivors. While I have taken advantage of the first I have yet to use the second but I’m considering it. To do this you might want to write up a short script for yourself ahead of time, and even practice it before you call it in. To leave a posting with your voice call 1-713-574-9075 and enter 9828659. I imagine, but have not confirmed, that long distance charges will be applied. I have no idea if there is any additional charge for this service.

To see Kaillech’s original posting on the forums to announce what she’s done please see HERE.

I hope more consider contributing to the site that’s been provided and look forward to seeing what the community has to offer. For any of my readers who are not participating in the game but happen to love the zombie genre and would like to write a story, Kaillech has openly invited you to participate as well!

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