When you’re surrounded by so much death the mind becomes numb with shock. We have been so desensitized to violence that after awhile some deaths turns out to be pretty funny in retrospect. Or at least for those who see the incident from the outside. I wish this one was funny, even in retrospect it’s simply tragic as so many paid to be prepared for disaster only to bring themselves and their families into danger.

When the Mayan Calendar prophecies became big news and people started to panic there were those who looked for ways to profit off the fears of others. From this came “The Vivos Group”. Their vision was not unlike that of the bunkers within the video game “Fallout 3” where select and paying customers could take shelter within fortified and secret bunkers underground. Much like in the video game these shelters promised comfort beyond survival. There were even affordable economy versions for those who could not afford the luxury suite bunkers. Much like in the video game disasters can strike even within what is thought to be a safe environment.

That is not to say that those who made these bunkers had less than good intentions. It is very possible they felt their solution would save mankind as there are studies that suggest thirty two people, or sixteen couples would be enough genetic material to repopulate the world. These shelters could take in two hundred and fifty in the luxury bunkers and a thousand in the economy. With six months supplies in the economy and a year within the luxury we should have seen the economy shelters opened and resurfaced while soon we will see the luxury ones emerge.

What we are hearing though was not the nirvana which people thought they paid for. Families that had paid for shelter brought their loved ones regardless of their condition as they had paid for shelter. There was panic and rushing and security was not prepared to deal with the possibilities of those hiding infections. Among the many predictions a biological threat of hidden infections in victims was not something prepared for, though the shelters did seal in to recycle their air and prevent outside infections from entering. Many brought those they loved despite the risk knowing there was a clinic within the shelter and hoping for a cure. Once sealed in those who succumb to the virus and rose back up found ways of infecting others. There have been reports of gun fights within shelters where outbreaks occurred but not video feed has been leaked. Some survivors sealed their woken dead in sections of the shelter and exited early. Most are a mystery as there has been no word from them.

It is unknown how many shelters there were hidden. It is also unknown how many of them shelter the living still or seal in the dead.

I give you the ninth episode of Zombie Survival Bloopers. Two Videos of what the Shelters should have been:

  1. Did no one play the Fallout games? This screams bad idea…

    • chyrampsc says:

      Heh, I had much the same thought. On the surface there are benefits to the idea, however, pace a group of individuals in a tense situation into shelters like this, leave them to govern themselves, add the overall self assurance that they have the right to survive because they paid for it…. I dunno. I don’t think it matters what disaster they take shelter from, these are not going to be good places to be. And if facing total world devastation a year’s supplies won’t be nearly enough. I’d probably rather go quickly then sit trapped in a box with a bunch of people who are calculating how much longer the air will last if they killed me off.

      Or maybe I’m just cynical about human behavior.

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