Scavenging – The Basics: Survival Tip # 13

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Basic Tips, Survival Tip
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Keeping in mind that every day we see brand new players joining the game I decided to do another basic tip and trick set this week. This week I’m featuring the basics to Scavenging. There is a potential exploit that I’m still doing further investigation on as I don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional. This information might be published at a later point under future postings on advanced tips.

First thing to understand that scavenging affects you “Scavenging Skill”. Your current skill level as well as the progress towards the next level can be seen in two places. First is in your Profile page where your Scavenge skill is listed along with a yellow bar representing how far you have progressed through the current level. The second location is any area you have investigated. On this page the button you will press in order to scavenge displays your current level and the progress as a yellow bar.

In order to scavenge first you must go to a location. You do this from the main page by selecting the “Investigate Nearby” button and select a location off the list. Once you have come to a location you will want to select the Scavenge button. Each location can only be scavenged by you once an hour. If the location has been scavenged within the last hour a timer will appear both on the pop up before entering the location as well as on the button to Scavenge within the location. When the button says “Available For Scavenge” you will know that you’re able to scavenge at this location.

Selecting the button will bring up a pop up with three options, “Explore”, “Search” and “Scour”. Each option takes a different amount of energy and provides you with of time to perform the Scavenge activity game. It should be noted that the energy costs raise as you level your scavenge skill, however the higher your skill level the more amounts of supplies you can obtain from a scavenging. The amount of possible items to scavenge also increases as you pick harder levels. Each level can have a “white dot” to scavenge which will be an item that is not supplies but could be either MISC. Items or defense and dueling items. Recently during the Heavy Metal event Energy Drinks and Stamina Pills were also recovered which previously could only be obtained by buying with Credits. I do not know yet if these items can be obtained outside the Heavy Metal event but I expect them to only appear during special Scavenging events. The energy cost starts with a base cost, doubles for the second level and triples for the third. It is also important to note that your energy bar refreshes 1 point every two minutes. Given the numbers I’m displaying that means I need just over two and a half hours to naturally regenerate “72 energy” in order to perform a “Scour”. I’m nearing the halfway point in level range and therefore you can gauge your own costs to be higher or lower based on that information.

When you select which level of scavenging you wish to do you enter the game. At this point the game does not start until you touch the screen again. You’re left with instructions, “Grab the flashlight and move it around the area to search for loot” and “Don’t get caught by a roaming zombie!” (Seen in red boxes on example.) You have a timer bar at the top in yellow. (Seen by the orange arrow.) You also have your handy flashlight. (See green arrow.) The game’s orange arrows point to where you grab the flashlight. There are couple things to know here:

  1. The zombies can pass through the flashlight portion of the flashlight as long as they are not in the light up light section.
  2. You cannot drag the flashlight around by the light, only by holding the flashlight it’s self.
  3. If you drag the flashlight to close to the bottom of the screen it is possible to drop it below the screen so that the light shows but you are unable to move it anymore. This can make you a sitting duck for zombies wandering.
  4. If you drag the flashlight all the way to the top of the screen so that it’s off the screen and out of view you cannot get it back. However, it appears that the zombies will also be unable to find you if you’re all the way at the top. This can be useful when doing missions with large amounts of zombies where you need to grab one thing and stay safe.
  5. Most of the time the zombies move around the screen making them easy to spot, however they will sometimes hold still for a time. You have to keep note of the color difference.
  6. When you shine your flashlight on an object it will take a few seconds to expand until it takes shape. During that time watch for wandering zombies and that you’re not shining a light on one. If you are looking at a zombie quickly move away from them. Items collected will not be added until they move out of the flashlight and into a pile at the bottom right.
  7. If you are caught by a zombie you lose everything you collected during that scavenge and the energy spent. No damage is done to your equipment or health. You are able to attempt to scavenge in the same place again as only successful scavenges provoke the timer.

There are different colored dots on the screen

  • Yellowish Green – Supplies
  • Bright Green – Zombies
  • White – Items
  • Dull Green – Money (only in Locked Doors covered below)

About once an hour you will have a chance at a locked door that appears randomly in locations. This button will appear in the newsfeed section of the location. Selecting the locked door will open the same scavenging game with a slight difference, the addition of money and possibly more than one item. At low levels these are not very profitable as lock picks cost 50 dollars per lockpick and each locked door consumes one. I believe I started to see profit in locked doors around level 10. You can purchase lockpicks in the Black Market under Equipment.

  1. Lessifer says:

    Very well done! I would only add that there are occasional big jumps in amount or reward for scavenging, the first being at scavenge level 23 where it doubles, then again at scavenge level 38.

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