When you’re surrounded by so much death the mind becomes numb with shock. We have been so desensitized to violence that after awhile some deaths turns out to be pretty funny in retrospect. Or at least for those who see the incident from the outside. Morbid humor was on the rise before the zees all woke up and started chomping on people. For a brief time it faded off because reality is rarely funny unless you truly are twisted to some extent. I don’t judge, I find reality extremely funny, but then again I am more than a little twisted.

This little piece was sent to me by someone who used to focus on cute cartoons involving kittens or puppies or something. I don’t know, I never paid attention to their interests before. I guess the new world has changed their outlook on things and for once we have something in common. So I tip my hat to my friend out there and ask the general public, “too soon?”

I give you the twelfth episode of Zombie Survival Bloopers:

  1. Brian says:

    Is there a website somewhere that shows the zombie classifications and have how much XP you get for killing them

    • chyrampsc says:

      On some of the forums there are Safe Houses that are tracking which zombies are “special” or give extra XP. I haven’t started a list yet of those zombies. Basically to figure out how much XP a fight will give you look at the amount of energy going into it. Your XP will be that number, plus a bonus for certain zombie types. Holiday quest zombies are often great for extra XP.

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