Let us get any of the semi serious stuff out of the way. About a week into February of 2012 I stumbled across a little app for the iPhone and iPad called Please Stay Calm. It features a location based game where you set up a safe house, gather supplies, weapons, armour, and fight against the zombie outbreak which has taken over the world. People can join your safe house, and you can upgrade various parts to improve your own personal statistics and standing within this community. It did not take long before I became quite hooked into the game.

I set up my own safe house and interacted in the Global Chat with other players but something was missing for me. It was not the need to join a bigger safe house because, while that brings personal benefits, and more of a social connection, part of the fun of the game for me is seeing my safe house build up around me. It would actually take away some of the enjoyment if I joined an established safe house and had only my own selfish needs to take care of.

Still, I was not going to be happy without finding a way to really share this game with others. I lacked the audience that a social gathering in a larger safe house provided. This blog is my solution. I am going to write from the perspective of a survivor in this made up world. If I had to picture a theme for my persona I would compare my voice to something similar to Three Dog from Fallout 3, who incidentally is based upon a real radio persona. I will take experiences from the game, things I observe from others, and my own personal quirks and write up tips for both game play and comments about those who do. I hope you enjoy what you find here and if you have interest in the game please go check out the free download at Please Stay Calm.

If you find a desire to join my safe house upon joining the game please check out the Safe House page for details on how to locate us.

All other pages, postings and responses to comments are to be written from the perspective of Chyram Grey and not the author behind this persona. The thoughts and words expressed by Chyram Grey do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and actions of the author portraying her.

No art is the work of the writer within this blog, with the exception of some forms of Photoshop work. All images have reference to their original art work in their names, seen by placing the mouse over the image. All reference material and ideas that come from other direct sources and are used within my work will be given credit within the post. If you have any questions on my references please contact me through this posting. Thank you to the many other PSC and zombie loving players and writers who have provided inspiration to my creative writing and permission to reference their work.


  1. JRoach says:

    Love this, thanks (Alcatraz)

  2. Th0zo9 says:

    Had a nice read. Doing a great job.

    • chyrampsc says:

      Thank you! The PSC community has really been great about opening up and letting me into the social groupings of the different safe houses so I can get to know them and write about them. Lot of great people play this game. 🙂

      • Th0zo9 says:

        I got here thanks to a link in our sh chat left by another member. I gotta say I was curious from the things the members said about your blogs. Spent some time reading and really enjoyed each one. 😀

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