Stronghold Statistics

Terry Fox Elementary is now a Stronghold!

Current Posted Statistics on Terry Fox Elementary Stronghold

To join, search for Terry Fox Elementary in the Safe House locator box provided by CVC. Terry Fox welcomes any visitors as well as alts of Safe Houses/Strongholds friendly with Terry Fox and new comers to the game. No drama will be tolerated within safe house chatter. Current Join Fees are less than 6K Supplies/Cash without invite, less than 3K with invite. Contact current members for invite.

Name: Terry Fox Elementary

Location: Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada

Current Designated Safety Level: 6

Listed Upgrades:

  • Zombie Damage Reduction: 15 %
  • Upkeep Cost Reduction: 10 %
  • Weapon Upgrade Discount: 5 %
  • Armour Upgrade Discount: 5 %
  • Hunt Defense: 15 %
  • Hunt Damage: 10 %
  • Duel Defense: 15 %
  • Duel Attack: 10 %

Members: (12)

  • Leader: Chyram
  • Second in Command: Malkoris
  • Resident Statistics Officer: Beebles
  • Resident Feral Child: Searlait
  • Resident Grounds Keeper: Tough Hands
  • Resident Redemption Seeker: Steven2
  • Resident: TheWildCard
  • Resident: rewound
  • Resident: Taufer
  • Resident: bartendermoe
  • Resident: Tari Bull
  • Resident: Eckhart
  1. Gamble says:

    Hey chyram!

    Great job! I’m gamble, the creator of The Love Shack, and one of my members named Violet was mentioning you may have been wanting to talk with some of us 🙂 I’d love to tell you all about our Safehouse or any questions you may have via email at What’s your email?!

    • chyrampsc says:

      Hey Gamble, I’m glad you got in touch with me. I’ll fire off an email to you shortly so we can start talking. I’d love a chance to feature you guys in one of the up coming weeks!

  2. Soyokaze says:

    Hi Chyram,

    I sent you a PM on the PSC forums but you can reach me at the address below to help with your questions about the Love Shack. Violet and Gamble are the best people to talk to but I’ll be glad to help out in anyway that is possible.


    • chyrampsc says:

      I will check in on the forums, also you guys have contacted me with the PAL room so I hope to hang out with you all soon and get to know you. Thanks for reaching out to me so I can include you in this site. 🙂

  3. Hey, I sent you a message (or two) on the PSC forums about how to contact the various FEMA members, let me know if you have any questions!

    -Night Angel

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