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When you’re surrounded by so much death the mind becomes numb with shock. We have been so desensitized to violence that after a while some deaths turns out to be pretty funny in retrospect. Or at least for those who see the incident from the outside. Within the Green Zones life carries on more or less the same as before with only minor changes. There are limits to your travel, as many exotic locations are now infested with that nasty virus that nobody likes to talk about. Services are lower as there are fewer middle class and lower class residents to assist however goods are in great supply given the lower population demanding them. Goods are restricted to previously manufactured goods as factories are not up and running creating new items with few exceptions. Companies are now forced to look at the goods they previously had and find interesting new ways of selling them. Here’s an example from the automobile industry of marketing capitalizing on the outbreak.

I give you the sixteenth episode of Zombie Survival Bloopers: